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Tips for Protecting Your Mental Health

If you've been feeling depressed, anxious, or stressed lately, you're not alone.

Breakout Impact for The Community with More Mental Health Resources

There's a mental health crisis in our country and Envision Unlimited continues to step up with innovative approaches to help build better mental wellness for an often-overlooked population of people with disabilities.

Congratulations to Volunteer of the Year Mark Daniels!

For more than four years, Mark Daniels has been a champion of and mentor for Envision Unlimited members sharing his passion for the arts at the Westtown Center with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Signs of Developmental Disabilities

Previously, we've written about what developmental disabilities are, as well as some of the more common developmental disabilities.

The Benefits of Exercise

Everyone who wants a healthy lifestyle—regardless of age, gender, or ability—cannot overlook the importance of exercise.