Teacher and student stranding in front of a class by the projection screen and white board

ABA Services for Adults

Envision Unlimited is committed to providing applied behavior analysis (ABA) services to individuals across all the environments in which life takes place. For many individuals, this includes home, community, day and/or vocational programs. Envision Unlimited behavior analysts assess, develop, implement, and provide on-going behavioral supports.

ABA Services Envision BCBAs Provide:

  • Functional Behavior Assessments
  • Skill Assessments
  • Direct behavior services
  • Staff and caregiver training
  • Drafting of interventions in the form of a behavior support plan that is individualized
  • Implementation of the behavior support plan
  • On-going data collection
  • Analysis of data (to determine the efficacy of interventions)
  • Modifications to interventions when appropriate
  • Skill Development

A Note from Our Dedicated Team

"I've been working at Envision Unlimited for nearly three years, and I have to say that this is my favorite place to work as a Behavior Analyst. In a relatively brief amount of time, the organization has invested in a robust Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Services Department, one that fosters an atmosphere of creativity, mutual support, and trust. As Behavior Analysts we have the freedom to plan our workdays and choose the behavioral interventions we'd like to apply, while our manager and colleagues are always available for professional advice and ideas. We're also given time to devote to clinical work and research to ensure that we are well versed on what's new in the field. I'm grateful that Envision Unlimited's leadership highly values the work we do as Behavior Analysts." 

"My professional dreams have come true as part of this team: we supervise behavior interns and prepare them to work here, we are starting social skills groups, and we have opportunities to grow professionally. Most importantly, each of us can find our own ways to contribute to the ABA Services Department, knowing that our work will always be appreciated and supported." 

--Detelina Coons, MA, BCBA 

For more information on adult behavior services, email Dr. Danielle Walters at dwalters@envisionunlimited.org or Jameera Jackson at jjackson@envisionunlimited.org