outdoors racial diverse family photo with two parents and three young children all smiling

Specialized Foster Care

Children with disabilities are up to 3.5 times more likely to have experienced abuse or neglect than their non-disabled peers, and when they enter the foster care system, they have unique needs. Envision’s Foster Care Program focuses on the wellness of each child and supports foster families in providing a safe, nurturing environment.

Our children range in age from infant to 18. They come from various backgrounds. Many are single placements, but some have siblings. Some may have developmental disabilities and/or emotional issues. Some have been victims of abuse or neglect. All are in need of the stability and guidance that a secure and loving home environment can provide.

For more information, contact the Envision Unlimited Specialized Foster Care Program at 773.358.6940.

“Being a foster parent is a blessing for me and the children. It is an honor. It makes me so happy.”

—Mary Dodd, Foster Parent

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