Dr. Reginald Richardson

Meet Our Mental Health Division Director

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to Dr. Reginald Richardson, Sr., Ph.D., LCSW, our new Mental Health Division Director. He brings 30+ years of experience to his new role, in which he oversees nine assistant directors and a variety of community-based programs that are designed to promote choice, independence, inclusion, psychological recovery and wellbeing among Envision Unlimited clients.

Richardson previously served as the Executive Director of the Oregon Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission, working to combat addictions. After spending nearly a decade in state government, he decided that it was time to retire, return home to Chicago and spend time with his family. But two months later, he caught up on everything he wanted to read and felt that he still had more to give to those in need.

He heard about the position with Envision Unlimited and thought he would be a good fit. The rest is history.

“When I get up in the morning, I’m excited about being able to do the work,” Richardson said. “And I’m lucky I have a great team. I enjoy leading them, so it doesn’t really feel like work.”

Richardson already has goals to improve the quality and efficiency of Envision Unlimited services, so members can resolve their mental health illnesses and develop skills to live life with more “gusto.”

When he’s not working, Richardson has developed hobbies to maintain a work-life balance and his own mental health. He enjoys reading, riding his bike and spending time with his grandkids.

“It’s really about family,” he said. “I’m just now learning how to do things other than work."