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The Value of Respite Care

For family members of those with special needs or disabilities, caregiving can be a full-time job. The caregiver’s other responsibilities, relationships, and personal needs often take a backseat to their caregiving duties. Neglecting these aspects of one’s life typically leads to burnout. Many caregivers avoid this burnout through respite care.

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Understanding Stigma and Disability

The world hasn't always been a kind place for people with disabilities. For centuries, individuals with a disability—physical, intellectual, or mental—were believed to be cursed or punished by God. Often, they were treated as social outcasts or placed in asylums or institutions where abuse and neglect were rampant.

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A Different Kind of Thanksgiving

I like the idea of giving credit where credit is due, which is the goal of a national observance called National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). Each October, they formally givecredit to employees with disabilities who make tremendous contributions to our lives, economy, and workplaces.

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DSPs Are the Heart and Soul of Envision

Envision Unlimited has more than 400 compassionate direct service professionals (DSPs) who are committed to serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental illness. They work in our group homes (CILAs), day centers, and mental health facilities to support our members, keep them safe, encourage them to be more independent, and help them reach their highest potential.

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There's a New Lifeline for Mental Health

To help reduce the trauma and stigma surrounding mental health issues, Congress designated the 988 dialing code as an answer to the country’s mental health crisis. A toll-free phone call or text to 988 quickly connects at-risk individuals, including youth and individuals with disabilities, to confidential support and assistance through an emergency system similar to 911.

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What Is Specialized Foster Care?

Children in foster care come from a variety of different backgrounds and circumstances, and as such, each of them has a unique set of needs. In 2006, a report published jointly by Children's Rights and United Cerebral Palsy estimated that of the 500,000 children in the foster care system, at least a third of them (more than 150,000) had disabilities.

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Caregiver Burnout: Causes and Solutions

If you've ever acted as a caregiver for someone else, you're probably intimately familiar with just how taxing an experience it can be. Often, caregivers are so focused on the needs of their loved ones that they neglect their own well-being, which typically leads to what is called caregiver burnout.

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How To Manage Your Mental Health

The world can sometimes be a difficult place, and challenging circumstances can take a toll on your mental health. For that reason, it's essential to be aware of your emotional health, equip yourself with a set of tools, and be familiar with ways to improve mental health.

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A Basic Guide to Developmental Disabilities

We're fortunate to live in a world in which scientific research has led to huge advancements in our understanding of things like developmental disabilities. And yet, in spite of our rapidly expanding knowledge, lack of awareness and misconceptions about developmental disabilities continue to persist among the general public.

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How Fit Are Your Mental Muscles?

Life is presenting us with a wealth of opportunities to overcome obstacles. Rising prices, a relentless pandemic, and rancorous politics are generating a tremendous amount of stress. You probably already know that stress can harm your physical and mental health. More important: Do you know how to protect yourself from it?