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Breakout Impact for The Community with More Mental Health Resources

There's a mental health crisis in our country and Envision Unlimited continues to step up with innovative approaches to help build better mental wellness for an often-overlooked population of people with disabilities. The last year has been one of growth in our government contracts to reach even more people with mental health conditions, expanding programs and participating in many community health fairs to share information. With new programs for those have experienced trauma from exposure to home or community violence, integrated living with mental health support for women, and new centers opening we are creating greater impact for some of our most vulnerable neighbors.

Here's a snapshot:

  • Trauma-informed mental health services for people who have experienced trauma from exposure to home or community violence have access to prevention education, mental health supports and greater impact in serving our most vulnerable neighbors.
  • Mental health services now available for families within the Chicago Public Schools.
  • Community-based programs for integrated living provide mental health support to women to encourage them to move toward independence, enhance their daily adaptive living skills and economic self-sufficiency.
  • An expanded safety net for people without private insurance, Medicaid or who are low-income and cannot pay out-of-pocket expenses keeps people from escalating to the need for hospitalization or a higher level of care, like a nursing home.
  • Our Mental Health Recovery Drop-In Center brings people with mental illness together in a non-clinical space to socialize, participate in recreational activities, field trips, and learn new skills. This unique program is run by peer mentors, people with a mental condition in the advanced stages of their own recovery, who design and implement activities and work with clients directly to minimize their isolation and allow them to enjoy successful community integration.
  • Team-based, on-call 24/7 services are available for clients with acute psychiatric conditions who have higher needs, have not responded well to traditional mental health services, and typically experience multiple hospitalizations, incarceration, intense poverty, and homelessness.
  • Our new mental health center serves a growing base of clients with psychiatry, individual and group therapy, case management, and a wide variety of skill building groups through our day program, and employment services to a growing population of people with psychiatric problems.

Mental health conditions are treatable. At Envision Unlimited we remain committed to a resiliency and recovery model that provides individualized, comprehensive, client-centered services to help people to achieve their greatest potential possible.

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