Let's build bridges, not walls

Creating a Culture that Supports Everyone

With the recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day each year, we are always reminded of Dr. King’s support for a culture that protects and nourishes every community and every person. He had an important vision for a free and equal world and dedicated himself to expanding opportunity, ending all forms of discrimination, and pursuing social justice. In his short life, he built a legacy that has become a foundation for efforts to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in organizations like ours.

Dr. King deeply understood the importance of uplifting those making smaller impacts, because they too are the catalysts needed to bring about change. That philosophy is helping drive what we are doing at Envision Unlimited to create a more inclusive community where everyone feels seen, heard, valued, and respected.

Since last summer, so many people from throughout our organization have committed to our DEI work. To date, we have accomplished many things including:

  • DEI Culture Survey – gathering input from people throughout Envision Unlimited to help us understand where we are today and how we improve our future
  • DEI Vision Statement – to guide us towards developing a culture that promotes collaboration and is solution-focused
  • DEI Strategy Sessions – with workgroups focused on actions we can take to encourage more collaboration, participation, problem solving, and staff recognition
  • Introduction to DEI  – on-demand online training for employees
  • Foundations of Inclusive Leadership – manager level training conducted in-person

And there is so much more to come as we work to create an equitable work environment where everyone feels included and our staff and members are valued. Watch for more information throughout the year.

Stay engaged!