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Tips for Protecting Your Mental Health

If you've been feeling depressed, anxious, or stressed lately, you're not alone. According to statistics recently released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the number of adults receiving mental treatment increased from 2019 to 2021. In total, data from the last few years has estimated the number of Americans experiencing mental illness to be more than 50 million, a total that amounts to over 20% (around one in five) people.

Mental health problems can take a serious toll on our lives and well-being. If left untreated, they can severely impact our ability to thrive at work or school, in our relationships, and in other aspects of our lives.

For that reason, it's extremely important to not only maintain an awareness of your mental health, but also to have a tried-and-true repository of mental health coping strategies that you can turn to when you start feeling bad or find yourself in a difficult situation. While your mental health protection techniques will be unique to you, the following is a good starting point if you're looking for ways to improve your mental health:

Go to Therapy. Seeing a therapist is an excellent way to help heal emotional wounds, work through problems you're experiencing, and generally gain a better awareness of yourself. A good therapist will also give you tips for mental health maintenance and self-care, thereby increasing the techniques in your mental health toolbox.

Practice Work-Life Balance. In a society that is obsessed with hustle culture and productivity, setting boundaries around your time is one of the most powerful ways you can protect your peace. Brainstorm a list of habits that you can implement to ensure that your personal time is only yours, such as advocating for yourself at work or deleting your email app off your phone. You might also consider looking for ways to become more focused and efficient at work so that when the day's over, you can comfortably leave your work at the office where it belongs.

Cultivate a Community. If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it's how psychologically damaging loneliness and isolation can be. Having regular, meaningful social connection with other people is tremendously important when it comes to protecting your mental health. If you've let your relationships fall into neglect lately, now's a good time to dust them off—or make some new ones!

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