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Businesses Benefit By Hiring People with Disabilities

When it comes to employment, people with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DDs) have historically faced a lot of discrimination. As a result, significant barriers to employment remain for people with disabilities even in the modern job market.

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Our Continued Investment in Innovation

Envision Unlimited has a legacy of innovation that has enabled us throughout our history to evolve the kind of care we provide to people with disabilities. We even added a new role to help us continue to drive the full spectrum of empathetic care and services thousands of members and their caregivers depend on every time, everywhere.

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Whitney Rosier now leads Envision Unlimited’s arts programming

We are excited to have Whitney Rosier named Art Director for Envision Unlimited Community Day Services. Whitney has been with Envision Unlimited for almost 5 years. She started as a QIDP (Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional) program coordinator at Rose Center and transitioned to program director a year later. She previously worked at Anixter Center as an art therapist for four years, where she worked closely with Hannah Lowe, now director at Westtown Center, then music therapist.

Mark McHugh's Message

Self Esteem is Alive and Well at Envision Unlimited

Dear friends, self esteem is the confidence we have in our abilities and own worth. Every day we witness remarkable self-esteem building within our Envision Unlimited family. Confidence plays a big role in how our members achieve their greatest potential.

Envision Unlimited athletes compete in Special Olympics snow shoes races

Envision Unlimited athletes medal in Special Olympics snowshoe races

Members from Envision Unlimited Frick Center traveled to Galena, in late January, to compete against other Illinois athletes in three days of Special Olympics snowshoe racing. They had a wonderful time.

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Kindness Team spreads kindness near and far

Making sure those in need know that someone cares and doing what they can to help is the mission of the Kindness Team at Envision Unlimited Westtown Center. Founded in March 2022, the idea started in one Westtown morning meeting when staff and members were discussing the war in Ukraine.

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How to support a parent with a neurodivergent child

Do you have a friend or family member with a neurodivergent child and want to know how you can help? There are many ways you can provide support.

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The Benefits of Group Living

Stable housing is a fundamental human need. However, finding and keeping stable housing isn't easy for everyone. In particular, individuals who experience mental illness or live with intellectual and developmental disabilities often struggle to obtain housing, stay housed, and perform activities of daily living.

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How To Support Someone With Mental Illness

Mental illness is challenging to navigate, both for the people who live with it and their loved ones. Often, it can be difficult for friends or family members to know how to best help someone who is experiencing poor mental health. Should you give them space? Check in with them more often? Ask how they're doing, or offer a distraction?

Let's build bridges, not walls

Creating a Culture that Supports Everyone

With the recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day each year, we are always reminded of Dr. King’s support for a culture that protects and nourishes every community and every person. He had an important vision for a free and equal world and dedicated himself to expanding opportunity, ending all forms of discrimination, and pursuing social justice.