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Employment Services

Employment can be an essential part of mental health recovery, helping people rediscover purpose and connection, build confidence, and find relief from financial strain that often contributes to symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Envision Unlimited utilizes the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) model to help people achieve and maintain their employment and recovery goals. Individual plans are created to work with people in securing competitive employment within the community. 

There are no prerequisites, requirements of previous experience, or need for pre-employment training, as skills are identified and enhanced one-on-one with individual employment specialists. The IPS model aids individuals in overcoming barriers that may prevent someone from obtaining and maintaining fulfilling employment. Within the scope of the Employment Program we provide:

  • Career Profiling and Assessment 
  • Rapid Job Search 
  • Individual job coaching, on and offsite 
  • Job retention support
  • Assistance with transportation arrangement and/or travel training
  • Resume building
  • Mock interviewing 
  • Benefits Planning 

To take advantage of our services, call our intake coordinator at 773-506-3161.