David and Jimmy offer fitness for all

Get Moving! Stay Fit!

Envision Unlimited delivers free fitness classes to your home! Check out this week's schedule of virtual programs.

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  • Full-Body Warm Up with Envision wellness volunteer, Sarah
  • Full-Body Workout with Envision staff members Jimmy Sanchez and David Pufundt
  • Lewandowski Center's "Move and Groove" sessions
  • Special Olympics training
  • Yoga with David and Envision member John
  • Lewandowski's sign language class
  • Westtown's Discussion Groups
  • Zumba with Envision member Noemi and Eva
  • Friendship Group: Come meet members at other centers
  • "Cartoon Club" with volunteer art teacher, Mark Daniels
  • Rose Center's "Draw What You Hear"

Brought to you by Multimedia Coordinator and Facilitator Jimmy Sanchez and Envision members Charles, Kassandra, and John.