Congratulations to Volunteer of the Year Mark Daniels!

For more than four years, Mark Daniels has been a champion of and mentor for Envision Unlimited members sharing his passion for the arts at the Westtown Center with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. He has launched a recurring cartoon club, hosted field trips to the Art Institute and other Chicago-area art museums and exhibits, and most recently inspiring members to try a new physical challenge and get themselves swinging (literally) their golf clubs at the driving range.

By vocation Mark leads global mobility and community engagement for a software company based in both Chicago and San Francisco. But his vocation is born through his love for artistic ventures and connecting people into meaningful communities.

He is a strong advocate in his professional and personal life for breaking down stereotypes, mental health awareness and the importance of supporting and celebrating diversities. He's a firm believer in pushing through those imposed limits to help people with disabilities explore the dozens of creative indoor and outdoor activities and have a good time doing it.

"This work is so energizing and it's remarkable to see how the staff work so hard to make these new experiences possible – I wouldn't be able to do this without them," said Mark. "It is so rewarding to witness my new friends discovering their artistic talents and experiences they never dreamed possible – all with a healthy dose of fun and laughter."

Westtown members work on their cartoons as Mark Daniels looks on.
Westtown Center members work on their cartoons as Mark Daniels looks on.