Members standing in front of grocery store

Thank you, Cermak Fresh Market!

Envision Newsletter: Volume 1, Issue 3 Cover

Envision Newsletter, Thanksgiving edition

In Fall 2020, Envision members launched a monthly newsletter to help others hear their voices. This Thanksgiving article expresses their appreciation for a generous donation from Cermak Fresh Market

Written by Kasandra M. and Ruth M.

The people from Cermak Produce donated gift certificates. We bought food for Thanksgiving. Thank you! We went in and said, "How are you doing?" We took pictures. After that, they gave us gift certificates. They helped us out. They donated the certificates to get us the food that we need. Thank you for helping us out, for giving us what we needed!

Check out the inaugural volume of the members' "Envision Newsletter" and discover how they count their blessings while others count their troubles.