Autism Awareness Month

Envision Expands Its Autism Therapy Services

In response to the spike in autism diagnoses and news that minority children are less likely to be diagnosed or receive treatment, Envision Unlimited has expanded its accredited ABA Therapy program into underserved areas.

The disparity in diagnoses and treatment is often traced to socioeconomic barriers, according to Envision's ABA Therapy Clinical Manager Nikki Griffin. “Often, families of color lack access to healthcare, and the costs are often prohibitive," she explained. "Additionally, seeing specialists can mean long wait times, particularly in underserved areas. This impacts the outcomes for children of color. Early intervention provides the most effective results, and many of these children are missing that window.”

ABA Therapy is now available in homes throughout the Chicago area. Parents of children between the ages of 2 and 17, who have been diagnosed with autism, can schedule an appointment by phoning the ABA Therapy Department at (872) 895-7942 or (872) 270-2349.