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The Benefits of Group Living

Stable housing is a fundamental human need. However, finding and keeping stable housing isn't easy for everyone. In particular, individuals who experience mental illness or live with intellectual and developmental disabilities often struggle to obtain housing, stay housed, and perform activities of daily living.

For people in this situation, community living arrangements and residential group homes offer a means of having their needs met while also allowing them to live happy, fulfilled lives. According to the Independent Living Association (ILA), "a group home can, and should, provide all the necessities of life, along with an environment that offers mental, physical, and emotional stimulation."

Still, making the switch to group living for disabled adults or individuals with mental illness can be a big decision. Here, we offer some of the outcomes and benefits that you and/or your loved one can expect from a good group living arrangement:

  • Independence. A sense of autonomy and agency is important for everyone. A good group living home will offer residents the opportunity to exercise an appropriate degree of control over their lives. Depending on their needs and circumstances, that might include coming and going as they please, arranging and decorating their space to their liking, making decisions about their daily schedule, and more.
  • Community. For people who live with mental illness or intellectual and/or developmental disorders, isolation is frequently a problem. Living with a group of individuals who can relate to their situation can be extremely helpful in allowing residents to form and maintain meaningful connections.
  • Medication assistance. Especially when it comes to psychotropic medications, maintaining a consistent medication schedule is crucial. One of the biggest benefits of community living arrangements is that staff are on hand to ensure that residents take any necessary prescriptions as directed.
  • Flexibility. These sorts of living arrangements may be permanent or temporary. Furthermore, different residences offer varying levels of independence and support. At Envision Unlimited, for example, our living arrangements range from short-term stabilization programs to long-term living with either part-time or full-time support.

Since 1948, Envision Unlimited has been dedicated to helping people with disabilities live happy, fulfilled lives in their communities. Our offerings, which include day programs for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities; mental healthresidential, and employment servicesspecialized foster care; and accredited applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy for children, are designed to address the unique needs of each of our clients—regardless of age, background, or ability.

Our services are grounded in a spirit of advocacy and empowerment. We believe that all individuals are capable of living successful lives if given the right opportunities. Contact us today to see how we can help you!