Amazing Stories

Catch Him If You Can

Looking for Mr. Leslie?  So is everybody else.

Whether he’s signing for checks from the delivery man, greeting a guest at the door, or zipping around in his motorized wheelchair to ask colleagues a question, Richard Leslie is always on the go at Beverly Bank & Trust.

Aida’s Success Story

Aida is a program participant at Envision Unlimited’s Westtown Center. In January 2018, she began a 10-week paid internship at St. John Berchman’s School in Logan Square through a partnership with Teaching Together Chicago. This experience allowed Aida to make her mark in her community and inspired many of her peers to follow her in footsteps.

“Engaging with Aging” in Partnership with UIC

Envision Unlimited program participants and researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago partnered up in spring 2018 for Engaging with Aging, a 12-week “Person Centered Planning Project” designed to assess different areas that are important in the lives of the aging population.  Each week, attendees discussed different topics such as health, exercise, nutrition, friendships, and community. 

Jamie’s Cycling Journey

“I’m so happy to be here!” Jamie said as soon as two visitors sat down with her in the lobby of Full Psycle indoor cycling studio during a break from her training session.