Every morning when I wake up I get to decide what I want to do that day. I might go for a bike ride, plant vegetables in the garden, or visit my favorite store. Before Envision Unlimited, I couldn’t really choose how to spend my days, and even when I could, the options weren’t exciting. Now, I can choose whatever I want based on my mood, or I can pick an activity that my friends and I can do together — just like everyone else.

I love meeting new people and Envision has helped me make a lot of new friends in the community. I would never have met the people I volunteer with or the people I go biking with if it were not for Envision. I feel more confident than ever in making friends and meeting new people.

No one here tells me: “You can’t.” If I tell them I want to do something, like get a job, I know they are going to help me learn and succeed because they care about my goals for myself. Before coming to Envision, no one asked me about what I wanted to achieve. Now I have a say in my life, I feel proud and in charge.

Since coming to Envision Unlimited I feel like the possibilities for me are endless. One day I want to live in my own apartment. I know that with Envision Unlimited, this dream is possible because I have friends from Envision who have accomplished this.

I’m excited that you get to hear more stories from my friends at Envision Unlimited in this year’s annual report. If you’re ever at the Halas Center, please stop by and say hi!

Thank You,

Carla B.

Envision Member