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Positive Outcomes in Envision’s Annual Quality Assurance Activities

Envision Unlimited has continued to see growth and continues to meet and exceed expected outcomes throughout our various programs. Our 24 hour Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA), Intermittent Community Integrated Living Arrangements (I-CILA), and Host Family programs have achieved their Wellness goals at 100%. Our I-CILA program has maintained their projected billing hours at 98%, exceeding the original 90% goal. Our I-CILA, 24 hour CILA, and Job Development programs all met or exceeded their Stakeholder Satisfaction goal.

We saw growth within our I-CILA and Foster Care program. I-CILA grew by 3 individuals, 2 of which moved from a more restrictive, 24 hour CILA environment. Foster care was able to meet its goal of maximizing the number of licensed foster homes available by 5.

The goal of new participants beginning their services in a timely manner was met and/or exceeded by our 24 hour CILA, Host Family, Job placement, Community Integration, Community Employment Supports, Organizational Employment Services, and Job Development departments.

An important outcome we have is that participants in our various programs meet their individual goals. The following programs have all met and/or exceeded this goal:

  • Host Family (Goal 75%, Met 81%)
  • Job Placement (Goal 70%, Met 88%)
  • Home Based (Goal 85%, Met 88%)
  • Community Integration (Goal 70%, Met 88%)
  • Organizational Employment Services (Goal 70%, Met 87%)

We are proud of the work that goes into our programs from our staff and the continued success of our participants. What you have read here is a snapshot of the goals worked on by our agency. We strive as an agency for transparency, to see an even more in-depth review of how we have performed throughout the year, please contact Angela Isit via email for a comprehensive report of all quality assurance sctivities.

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