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ComEd Honors Energy Force Ambassadors


In June, we announced that Deanna Everhart was selected as a ComEd Energy Force Ambassador . On August 1st Deanna and Envision staff members attended a special breakfast hosted by ComEd in honor of their Energy Force Ambassadors.

It was an exciting time for Deanna to be inducted into the program as it was the fifth anniversary of the program. All of us felt her energy buzzing as she stood among us in her red ComEd jacket. Commissioner John Rosales from Illinois Commerce Commissions office shook her hand and personally congratulated her in becoming an Ambassador. “I couldn’t believe it when they first told me. My reaction was just like…” She showed us an expression of disbelief, her eyes shining and a big smile on her face.

At the event, the Envision team sat among Chicago political and community leaders, ComEd representatives and ComEd’s Energy Force Ambassadors. It was a moment for Deanna to shine, through ComEd’s application selection process, she showed to have potential to become a leader among her peers. “I feel so special surrounded by you guys,” Deanna shared.

The newly inducted ambassadors were announced by name and asked to stand in front of the large audience. Each one, including Deanna, stood proudly as they took on the new challenge of educating their community, expanding their skill sets and opportunities, and taking steps to become peer leaders.

A short video presentation of a veteran Ambassador was played, displaying his growth throughout the program as he received additional education and prepared to enter the job market. The program allowed him to learn time management skills as he balanced his ComEd events and his day job. He learned inventory management as he kept track of his marketing materials, and presenting and interpersonal skills were honed. As the ambassador grew in these areas, confidence was built, leadership was forged and full participation in community was integrated. This wasn’t a story just about an individual, but it was the change one can expect from entering into this kind of responsibility.

Deanna was so inspired by the story of her Ambassadorship predecessor, she was ready to tackle this new role head on, continuing her training along the way. She even suggested to us that “we should make a video like that,” telling a story of her own journey of growth and success. It’s a story we look forward to telling when she completes the program!

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