ParkWhiz Party

ParkWhiz, a Chicago-based company, leads the way in making parking less stressful with an app that guarantees drivers a spot. At the same time, thanks to the generous, growing staff at ParkWhiz, clients at Envision Unlimited, for whom there are no guarantees, have a new partner in spreading the word about the talents of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The staff focused this holiday season on giving back by commissioning Envision Arts Studio client artisans to create pieces for display in their recently renovated downtown office. Envision also hosted ParkWhiz for the company’s annual holiday party. Employees gathered at the Envision Westtown Center and had a chance to work with artists on pieces for display in their new office space.

Veronica Blum, head of Human Resources for ParkWhiz, says the new partnership is a perfect way for their team to give back and get involved. “I was absolutely blown away by what Envision does across Chicago. It’s just awesome and I thought… we need to be involved here. Our employees are going to love being a part of this cause.” The two teams are already making plans for an Art Gallery Open House, Thursday, April 21st at Park Whiz.

Mark McHugh, Envision Unlimited CEO, praises ParkWhiz for recognizing the many talents of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. “We are thrilled to partner with ParkWhiz and to find a way for our clients to create an inspiring work environment for its employees.”

Both Envision and ParkWhiz leadership look forward to what they hope will become a monthly collaboration.

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